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Enter to win a Weekend Getaway in Silverton!

The prize will include one night's lodging for two, entrance into the Oregon Garden, beer and wine tasting at Seven Brides Brewery and Tap Room, personal farm tour at Alpaca's at Marqum Hill Ranch with gift, gift certificate for local dining and two Choose Silverton t-shirts.

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Have you visited Silverton within the last 2 years? * Yes
How did you first hear about Silverton? * Travel Sites (e.g. TripAdvisor TravelZoo)
Visitor's Center
From Family/Friends
Brochure/Tourism Guide
Silverton website (silvertonchamber.org)
Other Internet Sites
Been Here Before
Other (Specify Below)
Please tell us where you first heard about Silverton
How extensively do you use the following information sources when you plan your trips? Please choose how often for each option below. *
Travel sites, e.g. Trip AdvisorOftenSometimesNever
Visitor's CenterOftenSometimesNever
Family FriendsOftenSometimesNever
Brochure/Tourism GuideOftenSometimesNever
Destination Website (oregoncoast.org)OftenSometimesNever
Other Internet SitesOftenSometimesNever
Other (Specify Below)OftenSometimesNever
How far in advance do you generally start planning your trips? * Less Than a Week
1-4 Weeks
1-3 Months
More Than 3 Months
What types of Activities do you enjoy particiapting in on vacation? (Check all that apply)Visiting Family/Friends
Visiting Attractions
Experiencing Arts History & Culture
Interacting with Local Citizens
Viewing Scenic Beauty
Calmer Water Activities (like fishing)
Girlfriend Getaway
Romatic Getaway
Hands-on Experiences (like Art or Culinary Classes)
Other (Specify Below)
Please tell us what other activities you enjoy while on vacation.
If you selected "Visiting Attractions" above - can you describe the type specifically?
If you selected "Festivals" above - can you identify specifically?
From the list above, what is or will be the single most important factor in your decision to visit Silverton? *
Are you researching for a possible visit? * Yes
If you have already decided to visit, what dates/months will you visit?
Is your visit primarily for? * Leisure
Visiting Family or Friends
Conference or Convention
Mix of Business/Conference and Leisure
If for leisure, are you motivated to come at that time because of a festival, sporting or other special event?Yes
If yes, Which one?
How many people will be in your party?
Under 24 Years Old
25-34 Years Old
35-44 Years Old
45-54 Years Old
55-64 Years Old
65 or Older
If you are staying overnight, approximately how much money do you expect to spend for your whole party for lodging, food, entertainment, and shopping?
When you visit Silverton, if you stay the night, where will you be staying? Check all that apply.Your Second Home
A Friend or Family Member's Home
A Vacation Rental Home
RV Park
Bed & Breakfast
If you are day tripping, approximately how much money do you expect to spend for your whole party for food, shopping, and entertainment?
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