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Fall is a great time to visit Silverton

Autum - Oregon Garden

Fall is a wonderful time to visit Historic Silverton and beyond.  As leaves change color and the weather gets cooler it's a great time to stroll through downtown Silverton and explore a number of our murals, shops and restaurants.

Fall is also a great time to explore The Oregon Garden and Silver Falls State Park as both are a wonderful way to get out and experience nature and are a photograpers dream this time of year.

For more information on our murals please log on to: www.silvertonmurals.com  

For information on all Silverton events - click the event tab on the top of this page for a calendar of area events. 

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The Silverton Chamber of Commerce invites you to explore and learn about the medley of treasures we have to share.  Founded in 1854, Silverton is a historic town with stately homes shaded by grand old oak trees nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley. 

Spring, summer, winter or fall, Silverton is a wonderful place with a full complement of amenities and activities.  On any given day you can refresh yourself with a tour of The Oregon Garden, a walk through Silver Falls State Park, an exploration of the wonderful shops and restaurants in downtown Silverton or a visit to nearby farms and vineyards.  Use this website as a guide for what to see and do around town.

With its scenic beauty, rich history, charming downtown and gems of nature – it’s no wonder Silverton is Oregon’s Garden City, the perfect place to grow your dreams!

I look forward to your next visit.

Stacy Palmer, Executive Director

Submit Your Favorite Silverton Photo or Choose Silverton Photo

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Do you have a great photo taken in the Silverton area? We are looking for photos to publish on our website. We'd love to see your favorite photo from our fair city.

Are you showing your Choose Silverton Pride?  We have a photo contest where you can submit photos with you in your Choose Silverton logo apparel visiting places outside of Silverton.  Share your community pride and maybe win a prize!  Prizes will be awarded at the end of the year.  Make sure to include your name, location and date with your photo submission.  Good Luck.

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