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Homer Davenport Community Festival and Arts Festival in August

August really heats up in Silverton with a variety of activities - with something for everyone.  August 4,5 & 6 is the Homer Davenport Community Festival, complete with music, food, hometown parade, couch races, arts & crafts booths and more!  For more information on the festival and the schedule of activities log on to www.homerdavenport.com 

The Silverton Fine Arts Festival is all about the eclipse this year - with vendors from all over the pacific northwest showing their wares.  Music, great food and art; what more could you ask for.  All of this on the weekend just prior to the big Solar Eclipse happening here in Silverton.  Check out the art association's website for more info on all the happenings - www.silvertonarts.org 

For a look at the all the events in August - check out our calendar link under "Events" on this page.

Great American Eclipse Passes Through Silverton 

You've most definitely heard about the big eclipse coming in August, right?  Yes, there will be a full eclipse of the sun on Monday, August 21, 2017 - and we here in Silverton are in the heart of the "path of totality" for the event.  If you'd like to be in prime viewing location and see the event firsthand - there are still options open for you.The Oregon Garden is hosting an Eclipse event, complete with camping, activities and fun!  If you'd like to inquire about the remaining lodging options, you can check out their website at www.OregonGarden.com

Looking for a more educational experience, Silverton High School has been awarded a grant to study the eclipse.  They will EclipseSilvertonPosterSbe launching a weather balloon during the event and have a live stream link with NASA during the event.  Watch this page for more information on the high schools' event and where you can buy those funky glasses you will need to watch the sun disappear.

While you are here for the eclipse, make sure to check out our Silverton Fine Arts Festival and their eclipse themed event.  Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20th.  For more info on the festival and featured artists, t-shirts and more - visit www.silvertonarts.org

If you'd like your own Silverton Eclipse souvenir poster by featured artist Carol Murphy - you can find them at the Chamber office at 426 S. Water Street in downtown Silverton.  Posters are printed 11 x 17 and are just $20.  Surely to be a sellout - get your poster today!

For more information on all the Silverton Eclipse activities check out our events page.

Welcome Message


The Silverton Chamber of Commerce invites you to explore and learn about the medley of treasures we have to share.  Founded in 1854, Silverton is a historic town with stately homes shaded by grand old oak trees nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley. 

Spring, summer, winter or fall, Silverton is a wonderful place with a full complement of amenities and activities.  On any given day you can refresh yourself with a tour of The Oregon Garden, a walk through Silver Falls State Park, an exploration of the wonderful shops and restaurants in downtown Silverton or a visit to nearby farms and vineyards.  Use this website as a guide for what to see and do around town.

With its scenic beauty, rich history, charming downtown and gems of nature – it’s no wonder Silverton is Oregon’s Garden City, the perfect place to grow your dreams!

I look forward to your next visit.

Stacy Palmer, Executive Director

Chamber Advocacy on Behalf of Business in Oregon


One of the benefits of being a chamber member is knowing that our organization and our State Chamber are advocating on behalf of the businesses in our community and in our state.  The legislature and the legislative process can be a tricky thing to stay on top of for most small businesses.  Too many things all happening at once, keep many business owners from being engaged in the process. 

Each year the Oregon State Chamber in collaboration with local chambers puts together a legislative agenda and list of those concerns that have member businesses intrigued.  The Silverton Chamber of Commerce adopted this legislative agenda and shares it's progress or updates with members weekly.

Here is a link to the latest Legislative Updates from the 2017 Session from our friends at the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce.


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