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Chamber joins coalition to stop tax

The Silverton Chamber of Commerce has joined other chambers and professional organizations in the state to defeat Measure 97: A proposed new tax on Oregon sales that would cost Oregon consumers and businesses billions.

Oregon consumers, as well as small businesses, should be very concerned about this costly and damaging proposal.  Measure 97 would create huge new taxes on many products sold in Oregon, as well as on services provided by Oregon employers, even if those services are sold around the world.

The non-partisan Legislative Review Office has estimated that Measure 97 would increase taxes by more than $6 Billion per two year budget cycle - by far the largest tax increase in our state's history.

Despite proponents' claims, this unprecedented new tax would increase costs for working families and consumers and would hurt businesses in our state without any guarantee the money would make it into our classrooms or help our schools.  That's because all of the money from this measure goes to the General Fund with no plan and no accountability for how Measure 97's new billions in taxes would be spent.

So what does Measure 97 mean for small businesses and consumers? It means higher costs for Oregon products and services, as well as damaging economic impacts that could threaten the recent economic improvements that we have worked so hard to achieve.

The chamber encourages you to learn more at www.defeatTheTaxOnOregonSales.com 

 Chamber Welcomes New Businesses To Town
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New stores opening up, new building going on, it's all a positive sign for the economic well being of Silverton.  The Chamber is happy to welcome Rustic Roots Salon, a beauty salon on Water Street; Astonishing Adventures a pop culture collectibles shop and O'Reilly's Auto Parts to town.  Businesses locating here and investing here is a good indicator that business is healthy in Silverton.  We welcome these businesses and look forward to working with others interested in locating in Silverton.

Welcome Message


The Silverton Chamber of Commerce invites you to explore and learn about the medley of treasures we have to share.  Founded in 1854, Silverton is a historic town with stately homes shaded by grand old oak trees nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley. 

Spring, summer, winter or fall, Silverton is a wonderful place with a full complement of amenities and activities.  On any given day you can refresh yourself with a tour of The Oregon Garden, a walk through Silver Falls State Park, an exploration of the wonderful shops and restaurants in downtown Silverton or a visit to nearby farms and vineyards.  Use this website as a guide for what to see and do around town.

With its scenic beauty, rich history, charming downtown and gems of nature – it’s no wonder Silverton is Oregon’s Garden City, the perfect place to grow your dreams!

I look forward to your next visit.

Stacy Palmer, Executive Director

Silverton Named 3rd Safest City In Oregon


Silverton, Oregon has been selected as the #3 city on the list of Oregon's Safest Cities over 9,000 in population.

To be considered for this ranking,  the crime statistics (both property and violent crimes)  of over 300 cities in Oregon are reviewed to determine the safest.  For a complete list of the top 12 log on to: http://www.valuepenguin.com/2015/04/2015-safest-places-oregon-study 

This is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of the Silverton Police Department.  Chief Fossholm and his officers truly live up to the motto: To Serve & Protect.

Please explore this website to plan your next visit to one of Oregon's safest cities.   


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